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Animation Automotive CGI’s provided us with some great concepts and potential ways forward around the product branding

KSS Fuels

a fantastic service from start to finish, providing engaging video content that was concise, on message and ready for the media. The resulting footage speaks for itself.

NHS Barnsley

Great film. If all the others are to this standard then we will have a great afternoon” It looks very professional and I love the dandelion blowing its seeds at the end!"

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Now that’s what I call a teaser!!! Looks Brill.

Lifetime FM

I love the interaction you have going on there, cracking job.


You’ve helped put us in a better position with getting the sets all completed and we have been able to meet our deadline for getting a still image of the environment to the client. Which we wouldn’t have been able to do without your help.

Stars and Heroes

I think this character looks absolutely perfect


WOW yes! eeeek so excited

Mad Dog Awards

Thanks for the movies! All looking really good.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council